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The DOB can be tricky, especially the use of its own lexicon. Learn about the industry from professions and be sure to get the latest updates.

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Temporary Public Assembly TPA

When is a Temporary Public Assembly Required?

Gatherings and events outside are commonplace in New York City throughout the summer. It may seem as simple as discussing the event with the community board to get approval, but that’s not always the case. Street closings and street fairs require Temporary Public Assembly Permits (TPA). What is a Temporary Public Assembly? Temporary Public Assembly […]

NYC DOB shed permits scaffold

Shed, Scaffold and Fence Permits

Construction Equipment Permits Nothing is more evident of construction throughout New York City than the visibility of fences, sidewalk bridges (sheds), and scaffolding. The DOB refers to them as construction equipment, and are among the highest permitted items in NYC. Aside from being sure signs of construction or inspections, they are there to ensure the safety […]

NYC renovation permit expediter

What Permits are Needed for a Renovation in NYC?

NYC Renovation Permit Expediting New York City is a tricky city to renovate in. One of the reasons for this is a higher than average construction cost. Finding a contractor can be difficult because of the multitude of options. In most cities, the contractor is able to pull work permits with a brief description of work. […]

NYC DOB after hours variance

When do I need an After-Hours Variance Permit?

What is an After-Hours Variance? Typically referred to as Variances, after-hours variances, are used to work during non-standard times. DOB standard work hours are Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 6 PM. In residential buildings, co-ops or condos may override these times. Work done outside these times is to be considered illegal 99% of […]

DOT News

DOT regulations change fast, but we can keep up. Stay up to date with the latest DOT news and regulation changes here.

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DOT revocable consent

What is DOT Revocable Consent?

What is DOT Revocable Consent “DOT grants permission to applicants to occupy or use space on, over or under the City streets and sidewalks, charging fees for these uses.” New Yorkers utilize every square inch of real estate possible. It would make sense to use the sidewalks in front of their building as well. This […]

NYC DOT Permit

Types of NYC DOT Permits

Types of NYC DOT Permits DOT permits are issued by the NYC Department of Transportation to allow contractors to perform and work on NYC’s sidewalks and roads while utilizing construction equipment. DOT Permits are commonly used to enable the use of specific tools, occupation of roadways and sidewalks, closing of roadways for repairs, and many more operations. They […]