Direct Access Expediting, Inc. advises general contractors, design professionals, facility managers & construction equipment companies.

Our project management orientation, proactive approach and extensive experience with approval & permit processes helps you to seamlessly achieve your project goals.

Expediting, Consulting, and Project Coordination for the following NYC Government Agencies:


DOB Permits


DOT Permits


LPC Applications

and more...

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NYC Expediting and Building Code Consulting

We make permits more accessible to contractors and architects, alikealso handle the paperwork, forms, certifications and insurance for Alt II (Alteration II) permits such as façade repair and/or restoration, exterior renovation, interior renovation, plumbing, and minor demolition. Our turn-around times are some of the quickest in the city and we will do what is necessary and go the extra mile to insure a pain free experience.

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Fast Approvals
Our team's knowledge allows us to move permits through the pipeline, keeping the job moving is our highest priority.


Communication is Key
Working with government agencies on large jobs may be difficult. We take an active role in among the team in order to communicate thoroughly.

Complete Package
We provide assistance during every step of construction. From pre-design to substantial completion and sign-off; We're along side with you each step of the way.


 Our portfolio of projects

encompasses all sizes


 Our diverse team consists of

knowledge professionals 

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