About Direct Access Expediting

Direct Access Expediting has more than 20 years experience working with contractors, architects, owners and engineers to complete projects on a variety of scales

What is Direct Access Expediting?

Direct Access Expediting, Inc. is a construction consulting company specialized in expediting DOT and DOB permits. This is not only limited to: sign-offs, Certificate of Occupancy and FDNY Expediting. We have been providing quality service in all 5 boroughs with over 25 years experience.

Modest Beginnings

The firm was established by Ann Hickey, P.E. and Dennis Hickey in 1990. The couple established their expediting and construction consulting company amid a construction boom in New York City at the time. Establishing a specialization in construction equipment permits issued by the NYC’s Department of Buildings. After gaining prominence in that market, Direct Access began to expand their services, including removing violations, coordinating phased approvals, and more.

The Direct Access Promise

Our employees are registered and trained to be problem solvers. We reinforce the need to innovate during challenges by agencies, when to attempt another approach, and when to apply for reconsiderations.

We use proprietary technology to track both digital and physical files as they make their ways through the offices of governmental agencies, the cloud, and anywhere else they need to be.

Modern Era of Expediting and Construction Consulting

New York City's building codes and zoning regulations are always changing.

Whether you’re an architect, an engineer, a contractor or a building owner/manager, Direct Access Expediting is with you. We work to meet our client's budgets and goals every step of the way helping you get your construction projects completed on time and on budget. 

To date, the company has helped a good number of architects, contractors, building owners, property managers, tenants and various institutions to ensure the projects comply with the NYC building code and zoning requirements and necessary permits and certifications are issued for the projects and thus completing the projects on time and within budget.


  • SCA Prequalified Consultant
  • Licensed Professional Engineer
  • DOT Approved Facilitator (Expediter)
  • Certified Firm - NYC Department of Small Business Services (List here)
  • Ann Hickey, P.E. - WBE Certified