When do I need an After-Hours Variance Permit?

What is an After-Hours Variance?

Typically referred to as Variances, after-hours variances, are used to work during non-standard times. DOB standard work hours are Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 6 PM. In residential buildings, co-ops or condos may override these times. Work done outside these times is to be considered illegal 99% of the time.

When are Variances Required?

When a project has a reason to work outside of standard DOB hours, after-hours variances are required. Working outside regular DOB work hours may result in violations. These violations may even result in a stop-work order. These are expensive problems to resolve and will slow down a project immensely. It is best practice to consult a professional if there are questions regarding work hours and violations. 

In order to better facilitate the project, the contractor or project manager requests after-hours variances for a variety of reasons.  One example would be when night hours may be requested to get a project done faster. Another example is when work utilizing sidewalks or the street is difficult to complete during regular work hours on busy streets, such as midtown. Just because there is a reason to file for after-hours variances, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be approved.

Applying for After-Hours Variance Permits

After-hours variances go through a rigorous application process. The DOB checks surrounding construction projects and overlapping agencies to conclude whether the variance should be approved. These variances are known to have caused trouble in residential areas, where most work is being executed in NYC. This article by West Side Rag details how residents and politicians are seeking answers on After-Hours variances.

After-hours variances are not free. This is important when considering if your project needs to work beyond regular work hours. After-hours variances may be scheduled for up to 14 days of non-regular work hours. The initial filing fee ranges from $100 – $500 and does not include a daily $80 for each approved day.

Need After-Hours Variance Permits?

Direct Access Expediting’s team of consultants, engineers, and expediters will work to understand your budget, project, and location in order to assess the plausibility of variances. Variances may be difficult to obtain by inexperienced expediters. Our seasoned crew accommodates projects of all sizes and types. We work closely with DOB staff to decide whether variances are plausible for a project and typically have around a week turnaround.

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