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Does my Work Require a Landmarks Permit?

Does Work on a Landmark Building Always Require a LPC Permit? The Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC, or aka Landmarks) has been issuing approvals and permits since their founding in 1965. The LPC strives to preserve historic districts and properties (or landmarks) by regulating the work done within them and on them. In most cases, Landmarks permits are […]

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When are Acetylene Torch Permit Use Permits Needed?

Do I need FDNY Permits at my Jobsite? FDNY permits are becoming more and more relevant, especially for contractors. With recent incidents occurring at jobsites around the city, the FDNY is stepping up to the plate to make the city a safer place for all. From burn permits to certificate of fitness, and FDNY approvals, there […]

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What is the Applicant of Record?

What Qualifies as the Applicant of Record? An applicant is a professional, registered with the state, who signs the application and ensures the work being done complies with applicable laws. An applicant is considered a Professional Engineer (PE), Registered Architect (RA), or Registered Landscape Architect (RLA). The FDNY, DOT, and DEP also conform to this definition. The DOB also […]

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Enabling Construction with Boom Truck Permits

Enabling Construction with Boom Truck Permits Owning a building is a tremendous amount of work, and maintaining buildings a building can be costly. The exterior takes the brunt of the blow, thus requiring facade maintenance to ensure the safety of the public and stability of the building. This work must conform to Local Law 11/98, or the […]

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When is Directive 14 Filing Used?

Directive 14 is a Must-Know Term When filing a job, or application, at the Department of Buildings, it is important to understand the types of applications and methods of filing. Knowing the terminology can help when it comes to getting permits, speaking to expediters, consultants, or architects/engineers. There are two primary methods: standard plan examination […]

When is a Temporary Public Assembly Required?

Gatherings and events outside are commonplace in New York City throughout the summer. It may seem as simple as discussing the event with the community board to get approval, but that’s not always the case. Street closings and street fairs require Temporary Public Assembly Permits (TPA). What is a Temporary Public Assembly? Temporary Public Assembly […]

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Assessing DEP Permits and Types

Assessing DEP Permits The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) protects public health and the environment by supplying clean drinking water, collecting and treating wastewater, and reducing air, noise, and hazardous materials pollution. This means the DEP provides oversight for the water system, or as we think of it New York City’s most […]

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Types of (LPC) Landmarks Permits

The Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) is the largest municipal preservation agency in the USA. It provides protection by regulating construction alterations to historically, culturally or architecturally significant buildings and interiors in New York City. Not only does it regulate construction, but it designates which properties and neighborhoods are subject to these regulations. In order to protect designated […]

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Shed, Scaffold and Fence Permits

Construction Equipment Permits Nothing is more evident of construction throughout New York City than the visibility of fences, sidewalk bridges (sheds), and scaffolding. The DOB refers to them as construction equipment, and are among the highest permitted items in NYC. Aside from being sure signs of construction or inspections, they are there to ensure the safety […]