Direct Access Expediting Process

Inspections, Applicant Services, Permits, Sign-Offs and more

"Direct Access Expediting provides value-added expediting & consulting, through a knowledgeable, reliable and time-tested team of architects, engineers and expediters."

Assess Permits

This crucial step is defining what needs to be done, then allocating a timeline, and notifying involved parties. To do this, we communicate across medias, assuring the best best method for our client. This stage typically involves:

  • Assess job requirements 
  • Research regulatory requirements
  • Pre-Approval meetings with agencies (as required)

Prepare Documents

Preparation of paperwork requires cooperation between all involved parties. As expediter, we create paperwork according to the phasing, then send it out for signatures. This stage may be revisited for This stage includes:

  • Prepare Paperwork
  • Pre-Approval Examinations
  • Create Documents

Filing at Agencies

Filing of paperwork occurs at respective agencies. After the job is filed, expediters attend plan exams to receive comments for architects/engineers to address. These usually pertain to new code issues. Once the job is approved, a permit may be pulled to start construction. This stage consists of:

  • Filing Paperwork
  • Attending Plan Examinations/Progress Inspections
  • Pull Permits

Regulatory Close-Out

After the permits are released and construction is nearing completion, the jobs must be closed out in accordance with the rules of involved agencies. This phase may includes:

  • Final Inspections
  • Filing paperwork
  • Job Sign-Offs (when required)

We work with the following Agencies to get your job approved, fast!

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DOB Permits


DOT Permits


FDNY Permits


LPC Approvals


DEP Permits


DPR Approvals