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Department of Parks and Recreation, Department of Environmental Protection, Housing Preservation Development, Small Business Services, Environmental Control Board


DEP, DPR, SBS Permit Expediting

Direct Access Expediting provides due-diligence and years of experience to provide thorough research and permitting of construction projects. From pre-construction through to sign-off and completion. Direct Access can provide you with all necessary paperwork, filings, and meetings to get your job moving. Please note that we do not expedite or consult for food cart permits, etc.

We provide prompt, attentive, expediting services to break through barriers for your project.

Please note that this is a partial list, additional services may be required and/or available. Please contact us with details regarding your specific project.


DEP Permit Expediting

  • Hydrant use permit
  • Water used during construction (ex: for concrete work)
  • Sprinkler service authorization
  • Domestic water 
  • New Hydrant Installation
  • Water Use Permit
  • De-watering permits
  • Water Meters
  • DPR Permit Expediting

    • Work on City-Park land
    • Forestry Permit
    • Tree Pits
    • Tree planting permits