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Landmarks Preservation Commission Expediting

The NYC LPC jurisdiction has become ever more present within New York City. Ranging from compliance to material standards and fire suppression systems to fire alarms and fire plans. Although NYC's Landmark's commission does not require a registered expediter to submit applications, it is highly recommended as LPC approvals can take months. Direct Access Expediting prepares a filing and consults on project scope before moving forward with permits.

We provide prompt, attentive, expediting services to break through barriers on your project.

Please note that this is a partial list, additional services are available, or may be required.


  • Certificate of No Effect

  • Public Hearings

  • Community Board Reviews

  • Permits for Minor Work

  • Expedited/ Fast-track Application Process

  • Certificate of Appropriateness

  • Expedited Certificate of No Effect for Interior Work

  • Facade Repair & Exterior Work - Applications & Approvals

  • Municipal Tax Photo Research

  • Amendments to Existing LPC Permits

  • LPC Sign-Off

  • Notice of Compliance