types of dep permits

Assessing DEP Permits and Types

Assessing DEP Permits

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) protects public health and the environment by supplying clean drinking water, collecting and treating wastewater, and reducing air, noise, and hazardous materials pollution. This means the DEP provides oversight for the water system, or as we think of it New York City’s most treasured resource. As the DEP regulates the water supply, they issue approvals and permits for connections to this water supply. This ensures the integrity of the water throughout the system.

Since the DEP regulates many aspects of New York City, it is imperative that they grant permits for those affecting the environment. This ranges from affecting water connections, testing them, and inspections.

Sewer/Water Connections (Storm, Sanitary, Combined) Permits

DEP issues a variety of sewer connection permits catering to a variety of projects. These vary based on the sewer, type of connection, zoning of property, use and a variety of other criteria. Typically new sewer or water connections are used for new buildings, or major alterations. More information can be found on the DEP website.

Hydrant Permits

Hydrant Use Permit

On certain construction sites, use of hydrant water might be necessary for specialized equipment. Hydrants may be used for concrete trucks, or other liquids applied from a truck or boom. This includes leveling concrete and other materials. If your construction project plans to utilize a hydrant for water, please contact us. Hydrant permits are issued on a day-by-day basis, and charged per day and amount of water to be used.

Hydrant Flow Tests

DEP does not mandate Hydrant Flow Tests, typically that is reserved for the DOB. In certain cases, such as new buildings and major alterations where water main connections are being altered, hydrant flow tests are required. The DEP issues hydrant test letters after inspecting and running tests on hydrants in proximity to the property. These letters state whether they meet city and state laws. This will also help the engineer specify systems for the building in question.

Construction Noise Mitigation Plans

Since the DEP oversees environmental factors, they believe everyone should have equal access to noise access, like clean water and air. Hence why the DEP issues approvals for demolition and construction projects utilizing heavy machinery. Construction noise mitigation plans assess equipment used during that project to ensure they meet DEP’s regulations for noise mitigation. On occasion, DOB permits require a Notice on No Objection issued by the OER (Office of Environmental Remediation). This could be  in addition to DEP letters noise mitigation plans. They are separate entities and research should be done as to which letters are required.

DEP Giving You Issues?

Direct Access Expediting expedites DEP permits for all jobs. DEP issues additional permits for other types of work, but not as commonly as the ones listed above. We also assist in resolving DEP violations by researching, coordinating and filing paperwork on behalf of the contractor. We provide initial consulting to assess which permits are needed. Please contact us today for your DEP permit needs, or if you’re unsure that DEP permits are required for your job.

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